Why us

Consultants meetingWorking in internet and social media marketing is madness. Our creator Izzet Raktar is heard stating that working in internet consulting is like “riding and elephant thru a glass house”.

It’s fast paced, chaotic, and difficult to maintain. But when you get everything right for our clients the results can be tremendous.

“IBR CONSULTING” is where the world’s top social media and internet marketers are coming to get inspiration and direction.

Inspiration is vital to instruction. It’s the sun that drives our branches to reach out farther than we believed possible.

We inspire at IBR Consulting with the use of podcasts, posts, seminars, research, and classes.

We work hand in hand with thru internet based technology that helps us attract and keep top talent from all over the world.  Giving us the advantages we need for the largest and smallest businesses. Our aim will be to supply networking opportunities and best practices for all companies that look to improve their social media and internet marketing to build and improve their bottom line.


Google was only a sketch on a cocktail napkin when IBR Consulting started. Our base was built on conventional advertising, but we’ve evolved as technology has transformed the promotion world, creating new alternatives to solve customer issues.

The IBR Consulting’s aim will be to provide creative alternatives to give you an advantage over your competition. We build your brand online consistently with imaginative ideas that will promote you online.

Our research brings ongoing bright initiatives that can drive greater ROI for our clients and help them solve their marketing issues. At every step you work with award winning individuals that are all gifted and specialized in their marketing areas.

Our virtual team dumps the stuffy boardroom for innovation and speed linking you with the brightest minds and best winning strategies.   Jump on board today!