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Boats for Sale – Buying A Boat, Some Things to Consider

boats for sale photoThe allure of buying a boat can often cloud judgement to the point you find you got the wrong size boat, the wrong type boat, or you just were not cut out for this lifestyle in the first place. Consider the following advice from a savvy boat trader for buying your first boat and you will be in a much better position to make the right choice when the time comes.

1. Setting Your Budget – Don’t just set aside money each month for the price of the boat, consider all the other expenses that will add up over time. Average into the price that you need to spend each week fuel costs, maintenance, winterizing, safety equipment, dock fees, licenses, trailer, and storage fees. If you can afford all of these with the price of the boat, you are well on your way to enjoying your time out on the waters.

2. Consider Used vs. New – When you buy a new boat you are getting all the latest features and accessories, but it comes at a higher cost. When you shop used, many people simply made a mistake and want out of their deal as quickly as possible. This means you could be getting last years model at a huge discount, and many times the owner will toss in their new trailer, safety equipment, fishing gear, and all the little gadgets they bought new to enjoy with their boat. This is a chance to really get the most boat for the least money possible.

3. Ask the Professionals – Take in a local boating show and be prepared to ask a lot of questions. Here you will get answers from people in the know, and they will be more than happy to explain in detail everything you need answered. Find out which size boat is right for you, the style boat, the size of the motor, and what new features are coming out in this years models. If considering something like pontoon boats, then possibly rent one for a day before you buy. Not only will you get answers to your concerns, you can climb aboard and get a real feel for that boat you have had your eyes on.

4. Safety First – Even before you take your boat out for the first time, you should be planning to take a safety class at your local community center. Things can go very bad fast on the water, and things are compounded by the fact that you are going to be miles away from help. These classes will give you the knowledge to protect yourself and your passengers in the event of unexpected trouble on the water.

By planning ahead, you will get the most out of your boat buying purchase for many years to come.



You Advertised Now 13 Tips for a Successful Open House

The open house is the opportunity for you to showcase the best of your home to a captive audience. The potential buyers are going to be walking in all day long, here are some tips to a successful open house and getting the deal closed in record time we picked up recently working with a Charleston real estate firm.

Real Estate stuff1. Light every room in the house. Whether you open the blinds or turn on a light, the more light the better in each room a potential buyer walks in.

2. Have something delicious cooking. Either a stew in the crock pot, cookies in the oven, or bread in a toaster, let the buyers smell all the comforts of the perfect home.

3. Get a professional cleaning service to treat the windows, floors, carpeting, before anyone steps foot in your house. A clean house can make all the difference to a picky buyer.

4. Get all that clutter out today so the buyers can imagine what they can do with all that extra space in your house.

5. Take a trip for the day and leave the realtor alone in your house to do what they do best, answer questions and get offers signed for your home.

6. If you have any pets, make sure they are with you or a neighbor during the open house. No one likes a barking dog or an overly friendly cat walking around the house as they look around.

7. Hire a cleaning company to increase the curb appeal of the house by power-washing the exterior, driveway, sidewalks, and deck.

8. Have some soft music playing in the background to drown out any noise in the area and give the buyers a peaceful experience in your home.

9. Remove as many pictures of your family as possible. They will be packed eventually, so do it now so the buyers can imagine their family and not yours in the house.

10. Place signs in surrounding streets to attract as many buyers as possible.

11. Post on local discussion boards on Facebook an open house is happening in your home so word spreads before the big day.

12. Clean all the clutter from the back yard. Hire a professional landscaping company to transform an outdated yard.

13. Ask your neighbors to be on best behavior because they want to attract the best possible candidates too.

These 13 tips for a successful open house will attract the most qualified candidates and give them everything and more that they need to make an informed and speedy decision about buying your home.